Hypnosis files


In this section you will find several mp3 hypnosis files: Jock files to help motivate you in the gym - Dog-boy files to mould a more k9-identity in your pup - and a custom file based on one of bootbrush's own stories. 

All are based on original files available from EMG at WarpMyMind.com - an excellent site for hypnosis files and mindfucks for boys and pups and slaves alike. EMG is also able to create custom files for an additional fee - and created a personal 'bootbrush' file for me which is now at the very core of my pup-identity and play.

Jock files:

*  Sublim_Gym-Jock (1 and 2) are both music based files from dragoncorps.com, with additional subliminal content from EMG. They are designed to be listened to whilst working out in the gym, where the pumping music encourages  you to 'go into the zone' and give your best to get bigger and stronger; meanwhile, the sublim content drives your subconsious mind to embrace the reality that you are becoming a strong, muscular gay-jock who strives only for the perfect body...

*  GayJock_MuscleBound is a combination of two files, one that drives you to work out and become an excersize obsessed masculine gay man, the other that triggers your growth towards becoming a muscle-bound hunk. (This is a good one to listen to whilst chilling after a hard workout)

Dog-boy files:

*  DogBrain is a more intense (and addictive) file, that slowly creates a new k9 identity in the pup - it slowly erodes and removes all it's human identity until it thinks of itself as nothing more than a dog (at least, that is the theory...). 

This download only includes the body of the file, and not the induction - for full effect, download the complete file from WarpMyMind.

*  PetcollarPlus encourages the pup to become the docile pet of any Man who puts it into a collar - however, beneath this is the subliminal content of both the TrainDog2 and Dogbrain files - which may or may not programme your pup much deeper into being a dog than they had originally planned...

*  loopableSublimGayDog contains an overlaying track of 'white noise', beneath which are snippets of positive 'pup-reinforcement' from several of EMG's 'dog' files. It is designed to be listened to on a continuous loop and at low volume: ideally when the pup is horny, and it's mind is drifting in erotic susceptibility; in this way, the pup's mind should subtly absorb the programming and associate it's arousal with the feelings of being a 'good dog'... 

Other files:

Custom-RubberDroid - is a file created in tandem with EMG, based on bootbrush's rubberdroid story. It uses that story to help the listener imagine themselves taken and transformed into the rubber-skinned and hypnotically programmed robotic creature in the story. 

To download - simply click on the relevant link. 

Please respect copyright, and do not post these elsewhere.

Sublim_Gym-jock1.mp3 [11.5 MB]

Sublim_gym-jock2.mp3 [14.5 MB]

Gayjock_musclebound.mp3 [5 MB]

DogBrain(body).mp3 [1.6 MB]

PetCollarPlus.mp3 [16 MB]

LoopableSublimGayDog.mp3 [7.3 MB]

Rubberdroid.mp3 [16 MB]

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