If you are into fetish, then your gear is important to you: but there are so many shops and the choice and range can be confusing, especially if you are new to the scene.

Bellow are listed the specialist fetish shops, rubber-makers and gear-stores that we personally use - and we are happy to recommend. They aren't necessarily the cheapest - but they All produce quality gear, have reliable web-stores and offer excellent customer-service. 

(One tip: ALWAYS buy the best quality you can afford - especially when buying rubber gear. Cheap gear looks cheap, and does not last; if you want it, save up for it - buy quality, get it made-to-measure, and then look after it properly - and it will last you a lifetime...) 


Aero Leathers:

A quality leather-clothing company in Scotland, specialising in Steer and horsehide jackets and jeans. I ordered some steerhide jeans and a horsehide bike jacket from them - the quality and fit is the best I have ever had, and they delivered within 24 hours. Highly recommended.


Mr B.:

Quality leather and rubber gear, served with style and friendliness. Handler and i visited on our trip to Amsterdam - and ended up taking half the shop home...



Premier UK Leather, rubber and SM gear makers and retailers. Their Premium leather range is the best gear i own.


Invincible Rubber Ltd:

Makers of some of the best quality - and originally designed - rubber gear (their catalogue model is kinda cute too...). Most of my own rubber gear comes from Invincible - but both their neck-entry suit, and the heavier grade shoulder entry, catsuit are the horniest bits of rubber I own...



London Leather, rubber and fetish store - Good quality and cheap!



UK-based Internet rubber maker (also sells via eBay) - makes sexy, good quality, cheap gear (his bondage jeans are fantastic) - but best of all he makes an extra small as part of his standard sizes (a god-send for short-arse pup's like me).


SquarePeg toys:

Makers of the most spectacularly comfortable, fully silicone and totally waggable puppy tail-plug.
  Accept no substitutes!

(Also available via Mr.S Leather in the USA:



"The best dam shoe shop in the world" - SF based and gay-friendly boot store; offers all kinds of boots - including the full Wesco and Dehner ranges (with reasonable shipping rates to the UK). Also features a great boots gallery (woof!)



Beautiful quality, full hide, made-to-measure leather breeches and uniforms. Expensive, but more than worth it for the kind of quality gear that sinks guys like me to their knees...



Internet-based maker of individual and customised rubber gear - and the man who made the incredible rubber dog-hood (with removable muzzle, blindfold, gags etc) which features in the pup-play photos with my Handler at Hard. Higly recommended - especially for his hoods! (and his prices!)

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