The biker #5 - suspense

the ropes tighten around me...

I kneel here: fight the rising tide of panic, fight for control - fight to control my breathing...

The rubber hood seals itself around my head - my breath whistles down the long tube and through the gag that swells to fill my mouth: it is the hood that controls my breathing - controls me. I am dimly aware of how it stretches itself over my face - pushing itself into me, blinds my eyes, muffles my hearing: confines and defines my world.

I try to calm my laboured breathing - allow the hood to control me, let myself fall into its slow rhythm; let myself fall further under its dark control. As I do I feel myself slipping further down, deeper in - and let the rubber and the bondage take me there; I feel my mind slip away and the slave and the bootbrush in me rise to replace it...

I don't know how long I have been here. Even through the haze that the hood casts around my mind I am aware that my knees ache were they press into the rubber coating of the floor; my body feels taught within the leather straps of the harness that contains and restrains it. I move my shoulders slightly - trying to ease the stiffness of my muscles - and feel the resistance of the leather cuffs that hold my wrists behind my back. Between my legs my strapped and aching cock throbs in unison with the ache in my tits and the pulse of my heart.

I am alone in this dark wet world - restrained, controlled. I feel myself changing - becoming a thing of my own deepest desires...

Through the restriction of the hood I do not hear him approach - I jump when I feel the brush of his hand against my bound chest. Instantly I am shaken out of my dull sleep - my Master is here: what does he want from me now?

He doesn't say a word at first - merely strokes his gloved hand over my body - testing the straps of the harness, checking the breathing tube on the hood is still clear; his hands wander to my nipples - give them a little tweak - I imagine he smiles as my body jerks in response and a moan escapes me from around the gag. Finally he moves to stand behind me - I feel his booted feet plant themselves firmly either side of my harnessed body - both hands move down my chest and I feel myself pulled back into his arms. He holds me tight against him - even in the darkness of the hood and the tightness of my bonds I feel the strength of him like a balm - with a sob I let myself go into his embrace, let myself fall into him - surrender my body and my soul to this man who holds me bound within his arms: I feel complete.

  "Ah - that's my boy."

With the sound of his voice I feel myself go limp within his arms:

  "That's it, boy - Surrender, surrender to your Master" 

I feel his words vibrate deep in his chest - and feel the truth of them resonate deep within me: This is my Master - and I am his slave, his boy.

  "Now let's see how far we can take you, eh boy? - stand up..."

His hands move under my arms - I feel him strain as he helps me to rise; my legs shake and my joints scream as I try to place my weight on them. Without the support of my Master I would have sunk back to the floor - I realise that I literally cannot stand on my own two feet without him.

  "I've got something that will ease those joints - over here, boy"

Still with his arms about me, he leads me, shuffling, across the floor - in the darkness of the hood I have no idea to were. I feel him turn me around, something bumps against the small of my back, and I feel him bring me to a stand still. There is the sound of chains and I feel the snap of clips and carribiners at my shoulders and waist. My hands are released from the padlock that holds them together behind my back, only to be fastened again - one either side of me and out to the sides. I feel the touch of my Master's boot against the inside of my foot - instinctively I move my legs apart: I feel the cuff around my ankles move as more clips are connected to them. I feel my Master move around me - feel him rechecking all the straps and bindings of the harness... He moves away from me...

Suddenly I feel the harness straps over my shoulders twitch, pull away from my body. Another twitch and I feel the wide belt across my middle move - settle more against me. Then the cuffs at my wrists... I realise that each point feels like it is beginning to pull me into a stretched and open position - is this some form of rack...?

There's another pull - this time to the restraints that hold my ankles in their padded embrace: I feel them pulled further behind me - I sway a little, frightened that I'll fall...

I feel my Master near me again:

  "I think You'll like this boy..." 

I feel his hand against my back: he gives me a slight push...

For a moment I panic as I feel myself falling forward - my hands naturally spread out in front of me to catch my fall but as I do I feel the restraints at my feet and waist pull my body backwards - the harness creaks and the straps at my shoulders move a little as they take the weight of my moving, falling body, I feel them hold and then support me - and in one movement my Master has literally swept me off my feet!

to be continued?

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